Trauma, Critical Care and Recovery


The Trauma, Critical Care and Recovery Theme has been established to facilitate the partnership and collaboration of researchers and clinicians with the vision of optimising trauma care delivery in Queensland, Australia and the Asia Pacific.

Demonstrating excellence in trauma care – from the time of injury through to optimal recovery – can be achieved through holistic trauma management in the various stages of care: prevention, pre-hospital, hospital, rehabilitation and social reintegration.


Underpinned by excellence in research and education, to deliver high quality and cost effective trauma care and patient rehabilitation that:

  • Minimises the impact of traumatic injuries
  • Reduces trauma related deaths and ongoing disability
  • Improves the rehabilitation and recovery outcomes
  • Promotes injury prevention
  • Ensures the alignment of research discovery and education is translated to better patient outcomes

This theme aims to:

  • Improve the quality of trauma care through effective and efficient management systems and multidisciplinary input.
  • Focus on research that provides better patient outcomes and clinical service delivery.
  • Translate, adopt and implement the knowledge gained from research into better outcomes after trauma.
  • Strengthen the delivery of training and education programs in all aspects of trauma management.
  • Improve trauma and recovery data collection and reporting.


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