Associate Professor Rachel Neale

A/Prof Rachel Neale is a cancer epidemiologist with particular interests in cancers of the pancreas and skin and the health effects of vitamin D. She received her PhD from the University of Queensland and completed a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at Oxford University, United Kingdom. She has over 120 publications and has been an investigator on grants totalling over $12 M.
A/Prof Neale has extensive experience in case-control and cohort studies. Her work has contributed to the discovery of environmental and genetic risk factors for pancreatic cancer, and she is recently identified health-system influencing suboptimal receipt of treatment in patients with pancreatic cancer.
She is the lead investigator for the second-largest trial of vitamin D in the world, with outcomes including mortality, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cognitive decline, falls and fractures.


Senior Research Fellow, Deputy Coordinator Department of Population Health

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