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BDHP developed a new and innovative umbrella research agreement which was endorsed on
7 November 2016. The BDHP Research Passport aims to streamline current approval processes for researchers within the BDHP partnership by providing one operating schedule for each project before it is started.

The Passport extends the efficiency gains of the Medicines Australia contract template for clinical trials to all clinical research collaboration projects. It will reduce the number of legal reviews required for almost all clinical collaborative research.

The concept of providing one operating schedule with agreed legal terms and schedule items allows all participating researchers and research organisations to utilise one combined legal agreement that protects, determines direction and provides guidelines for all involved whilst reducing costs and enhancing efficiencies.

The use of this agreement has been endorsed by all Partners. For enquiries please refer to the Contact list below.

BDHP Research Passport Agreement — Guidelines for Use

What is the BDHP Research Passport Agreement?

The BDHP Research Passport Agreement is a collaborative agreement between all partners of BDHP, designed to facilitate research collaboration between the partners, by adopting standard legal terms commonly used for health research projects.

We encourage the use of the BDHP Research Agreement where relevant.

How does it work?

These standard legal terms cover intellectual property ownership, preservation of confidential information, and other rules for compliant conduct of a research project. Project details are set out in a schedule of the agreement. If a project can be conducted on the standard legal terms no legal review of the agreement is required before the project is implemented. Legal consultation for special conditions will be included in the project schedule.

Who can use it?

Any BDHP partner can establish and conduct a project under the BDHP Research Passport Agreement.

The BDHP partners are:

  • Queensland Health public health institutions within
    • Metro North Hospital and Health Service
    • Metro South Hospital and Health Service
    • Children’s Health Queensland
  • Queensland Department of Health
  • Tertiary Education Facilities
    • The University of Queensland
    • Queensland University of Technology
  • Queensland Institute of Medical Research Berghofer
  • Translational Research Institute
  • Mater Health Services Brisbane

What types of projects can it be used for?

Currently, projects spanning any of the health research disciplines can use the BDHP Research Passport Agreement, including projects receiving government or industry funding. The following projects may use an alternative agreement such as Go8 MIA or Medicines Australia:


[1] If the BDHP Research Passport Agreement is used, NHMRC funding terms will need to be included under “Special Conditions” in the relevant schedule


For enquiries related to the BDHP Research Passport Agreement including access to the schedule please liaise with the appropriate institutions as listed or contact the BDHP at

Name of Institution Email Phone
The Prince Charles Hospital
Metro North Hospital and Health Service (07) 3139 4407
Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital
Metro North Hospital and Health Service (07) 3646 8579
Redcliffe, Caboolture and Kilcoy Hospitals and Community, Indigenous and Subacute Servies
Metro North Hospital and Health Service (07) 3883 7243
Princess Alexandra, Logan, Redland and QEII Hospitals
Metro South Hospital and Health Service (07) 3443 8050
West Moreton HHS Alison Bowers
(07) 3271 8656
Queensland Children’s Hospital, The Child Youth and Community Health Service, The Child and Youth Mental Health Service, Statewide Services and Programs
Children's Health Queensland Hospital and Health Services (07) 3069 7008
Mater Misericordiae Ltd (07) 3163 2559
QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute (07) 3362 0433
The University of Queensland (07) 3365 3571
Translational Research Institute (07) 3443 7713
Queensland University of Technology (07) 3138 2093

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