Human Research Ethics and Governance Update

The BDHP Human Research Ethics and Governance Working Group is committed to keeping the research community updated about its work to streamline research administration and support engagement, education and training for contract operators, including research governance officers and contract managers.

December 2020 update

In this update, hear from Gordon McGurk, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital HREC Chair and BDHP Human Research Ethics and Governance (HREG) Advisory Group member. Gordon gives an update from the recent HREG advisory group meeting where the group discussed priorities for research ethics and governance training and education. Gordon also provides an update on the recent HREC training conference.

October 2020 update

In this second update, hear from Aideen McInerney-Leo, NHMRC Early Career Fellow (University of Queensland) and BDHP Human Research Ethics and Governance (HREG) Working Group Co-Chair. Aideen gives an update about recent discussions at the latest HREG working group about what is working well across the Partnership, what isn’t and how can BDHP facilitate further across the partnership in terms of research governance, ethics, training and education.

September 2020 update

In this first update, hear from Sonia Hancock, Manager of Research Integrity and Compliance at Metro South Health. Sonia gives an update about broadening the use of BDHP’s Research Passport agreement to make it a Queensland agreement and about the group’s work to influence the national research governance agenda.

Visit the events page for more details about the QLD Human Research Ethics Training Conference.

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