Dr Michael Daly

A graduate from University College Dublin, Michael commenced his senior management roles as the Executive Director Medical Services of West Moreton in 2002.
After leading the Bundaberg Hospital Emergency Response Team in 2005, Michael founded the Southern Area Clinical Governance Unit.
At Metro South Health, Michael has developed and evolved a number of Australia-leading Clinical Governance systems, including Communication Training programs, Senior Medical Performance processes, Audit and Scorecard systems and Digital Hospital Safety systems.
Michael led the Accreditation against the 10 National Standards that saw Princess Alexandra Hospital achieve the best results in Australia. He is running collaborations with New Zealand and Norway and is a frequent invitee to provide Clinical Governance support and advice to other hospitals across Australia. Since 2014, 14 Hospitals have visited Michael and his team.


Executive Director,
Clinical Governance Metro South Hospital and Health Service Adjunct Associate Profession
School of Public Health and Social Work
School of Clinical Sciences
Faculty of Health Queensland University of Technology

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