Improving integration of care

There is a national emphasis on improving the integration of health care services. An older population and more frequent chronic conditions means outmoded organisation of services must be changed. Understanding what services are needed, where they should be delivered and that are valuable to recipients is the purpose of this stream. Better co-ordination of primary care, community and hospital services is essential, as is better management of patient information. Priorities are keeping people away from acute care when they don’t need it and managing services near the end of life.

Stream Leaders

Professor Nicholas Graves

Director, Australian Centre for Health Services Innovation
Academic Director, AusHSI QUT

Associate Professor Ian Scott

Director of Internal Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology, Princess Alexander Hospital
Associate Professor of Medicine, The University of Queensland
Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine, Monash University

Professor Leonard Gray

Masonic Chair in Geriatric Medicine, UQ
Director, Centre for Health Services Research Faculty of Medicine, UQ
Director, Centre for Research in Geriatric Medicine, UQ
Director, Centre for Online Health, UQ
Consultant Geriatrician, PAH

Dr Christopher Freeman

Senior Clinical Lecturer, School of Pharmacy
University of Queensland Consultant Pharmacist
Camp Hill Healthcare National Vice President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia Director of the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy

Dr Michael Daly

Executive Director,
Clinical Governance Metro South Hospital and Health Service Adjunct Associate Profession
School of Public Health and Social Work
School of Clinical Sciences
Faculty of Health Queensland University of Technology

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