Quality and Safety

Patients rely on clinicians and the organisations they inhabit for their safety and well-being. There has been a massive shift in thinking from the 1990’s where hospitals were places fraught with risk to a modern service where patient have never been safer.  Challenges remain maintaining high quality care and making new innovation to improve where quality and safety are less than an acceptable threshold. Finding that threshold is itself an interesting question with diminishing returns affecting all patient safety programmes. Patient safety is now a global brand with many opportunities to disseminate to and learn from international communities.

Stream Leaders

Professor Nicholas Graves

Director, Australian Centre for Health Services Innovation
Academic Director, AusHSI QUT

Associate Professor Ian Scott

Director of Internal Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology, Princess Alexander Hospital
Associate Professor of Medicine, The University of Queensland
Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine, Monash University

Professor William Parsonage

Eminent Staff Cardiologist
Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Professor and Clinical Director
Australian Centre for Health Services Innovation
Queensland University of Technology

Dr Michael Daly

Executive Director,
Clinical Governance Metro South Hospital and Health Service Adjunct Associate Profession
School of Public Health and Social Work
School of Clinical Sciences
Faculty of Health Queensland University of Technology

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