Using better diagnostics & treatments

Variation in clinical practice drives costs upwards and can even harm some patient groups. Over diagnosis and over treatment arise from poor education and misaligned incentives. While changing incentives is made difficult by the multi-payer nature of Australian health care, clinician led research about better diagnostics and treatment will be an important part of reducing the problem.

Stream Leaders

Associate Professor Ian Scott

Director of Internal Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology, Princess Alexander Hospital
Associate Professor of Medicine, The University of Queensland
Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine, Monash University

Ms Fionnagh Dougan

Chief Executive: Children’s Health Queensland

Professor Leonard Gray

Masonic Chair in Geriatric Medicine, UQ
Director, Centre for Health Services Research Faculty of Medicine, UQ
Director, Centre for Research in Geriatric Medicine, UQ
Director, Centre for Online Health, UQ
Consultant Geriatrician, PAH

Professor Emma Duncan

Professor of Biomedical Science
Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation
Translational Research Institute (TRI)
Queensland University of Technology Eminent Staff Specialist and Consultant Endocrinologist
Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital

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