Adjunct Professor Alison Mudge

Adjunct Professor Alison Mudge is a general physician at RBWH and a Queensland Health and Medical Research Fellow. Alison leads a collaborative multidisciplinary research group in geriatric syndromes, malnutrition, exercise rehabilitation, and hospital readmissions. She leads the Eat Walk Engage program, an evidence-based inpatient model to reduce delirium and enhance functional recovery in older inpatients established on 8 wards at RBWH, and is CI-A on the multi-site CHERISH trial investigating its implementation in 4 hospitals (Ql Accelerate Partnership grant).

She also led the 5 –site EJECTION-HF RCT investigating the impact of exercise training as part of disease management in patients recently discharged from hospital with heart failure (NHMRC project grant). She leads the MIMI intern education program as well as other teaching commitments. She is an experienced clinical and RHD supervisor, and received a Metro North Research Award and RB.


Clinical Director Research and Education, Internal Medicine and Aged Care, RBWH

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