Older Person Friendly Hospitals

Our hospitals and hospital care need to be designed for older people, because people over 65 occupy half of hospital beds, have longer stays and are at higher risk of hospital-associated harm such as delirium, falls and adverse drug events. Harm and length of stay can be reduced by systematic implementation of comprehensive assessment, evidence-based prevention and management of geriatric syndromes, medication review and an appropriate physical environment. Work within this older person friendly hospital stream will provide deeper understanding of barriers to older person friendly hospital care, and develop and evaluate practical strategies to embed older person friendly principles in hospitals.

Stream Leaders

Adjunct Professor Alison Mudge

Clinical Director Research and Education, Internal Medicine and Aged Care, RBWH

Associate Professor Ruth E. Hubbard

Head, PA Southside Clinical Unit
Deputy Director, Centre for Research in Geriatric Medicine
Consultant Geriatrician, PA Hospital

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