Health promotion, behaviour change and social cohesion

Health promotion is key to keeping people active as they age — mentally, physically, and socially. Working with BDHP networks, the health promotion stream draws on the extensive experience and knowledge of a range of stakeholders, practitioners and researchers aiming to maximise meaningful participation in all areas of life as we age. The goals of this interdisciplinary team are to (a) raise awareness of best practice in health promotion, (b) improve understanding of the obstacles to participation with age, and (c) increase access to, and take-up of, health promotion activities.  These will be achieved through education and outreach activities involving multiple stakeholders — older people, family, communities, practitioners, service managers, and policy makers. Our aspiration is to empower clients and service providers alike to improve the care and living conditions of older adults and promote meaningful participation.

Stream Leaders

Professor Brenda Gannon

Professor of Health Economics, Centre for the Business and Economics of Health, The University of Queensland

Professor Catherine Haslam

Professor of Clinical Psychology, School of Psychology, UQ

Our Partners