Mental Health

Older people’s experience of mental well-being is tied to their health, life circumstances, and support within their families and communities. Our mental health stream within the ageing theme seeks to bring together information from within the BDHP network as well as best practice research internationally to help inform and improve service delivery.

Specific issues include the following:

  • Redressing stigma directed against older persons with mental disorders;
  • Improving mental health literacy among older people;
  • Improving the range of MH services for older people, particularly for those with high prevalence disorders (depression, anxiety & substance use disorders); and
  • Addressing access issues, particularly for older people on low fixed incomes (existing services in the public sector tend to be focussed on the needs of younger people).

Numerous individuals, groups and projects tackling mental health needs in older adults will be connected through our ageing information platform to increase translation and uptake among end users as well as feedback from stakeholders including consumers and researchers. Education of early career researchers and clinicians will incorporate – approaches. Our goals include sustainable structures to support innovation and practice change at all levels of care provision including management, and to develop policy frameworks for the care of older persons.

Stream Leaders

Professor Nancy A. Pachana

Professor of Clinical Geropsychology, School of Psychology, The University of Queensland

Professor Gerard Byrne

Head of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, The University of Queensland

Professor Elizabeth Beattie

Professor, Aged and Dementia Care
Director, Dementia Collaborative Research Centre; Carers and Consumers
Director, Dementia Training Australia (Qld)

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