Basic and translational research

Older adults receive treatment and care across the whole health continuum, and given the projected demographic, health services need to develop policies and practices that address the diverse needs of these as well as their carers. Our Basic & Translational Research stream within the Ageing theme seeks to bring together basic and applied researchers that will inform best practice across a range of conditions based upon a better understanding of mechanisms underpinning the process of physiological and pathological ageing. Research teams, connected through team leaders and stream members, will initially focus on areas such as (i) establishing the biological underpinnings of physiological and pathological ageing; (ii) establishing appropriate levels of physical activity, fitness and nutrition to reduce chronic disease in older adults; (iii) assessing the role of exercise and nutrition in mitigating the decline in cognitive performance associated with ageing; and (iv) assessing the role of exercise and virtual training programs in reducing the risk of falling in older adults. Our goal is that health treatment and care delivered to older people will be based on strong research evidence and have a focus on maintaining, improving and preventing deterioration in their health and quality of life.

Stream Leader

Professor Jürgen Götz

Foundation Chair of Dementia Research
Director, Clem Jones Centre for Ageing Dementia Research (CJCADR) at the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI)

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