Older people, and those with disability are significantly disadvantaged in regard to access to health services. Their mobility issues and dependency on others often preclude them from travelling to centre-based health services. The primary rationale for telehealth in the ageing theme is to overcome this barrier.

The telehealth stream will work to develop and implement alternate and superior models of service delivery using telehealth strategies.  The group is a world leader in telehealth research.  Our aim is to ensure that the products of our research are implemented universally across the BDHP clinical partners, and to work with these partners to develop new systems to improve care of older people.  Professional development of clinicians and early career researchers in telehealth will be an integral component of this stream, as will consulting with consumers.

Stream Leader

Professor Leonard Gray

Masonic Chair in Geriatric Medicine, UQ
Director, Centre for Health Services Research Faculty of Medicine, UQ
Director, Centre for Research in Geriatric Medicine, UQ
Director, Centre for Online Health, UQ
Consultant Geriatrician, PAH

Our Partners