Engineering in Health

The Engineering in Health Stream is a unique program that aims to support the development of medical technology and deliver real solutions to practical clinical problems.

Often clinicians work in the same way as their predecessors functioning, necessarily, with a purely clinical view to patient treatment and care. This intense focus on patient care means new and possibly simpler solutions to ongoing practical problems are not identified and where they may be identified, clinicians lack time and means to address these practical issues. Equally, clinicians rely on medical device companies and suppliers to identify solutions that may, in the end, be too costly to implement.

The Engineering in Health program selects teams of Medical Engineering students to undertake clinical immersions in participating Hospitals to observe problems, identify unmet clinical needs, invent and implement a solution.  These teams thoroughly analyse and screen potential clinical needs with respect to stakeholder interests (patient, clinician, hospital, and others) and work towards a practical, achievable solution that is cost effective and addresses the need.

In this way real-life experience in product development is provided to students, clinicians have authentic by-in and input in the process, and products can be developed that meet valid clinical needs that make the work of clinicians easier.

Stream Leader

Dr Devakar Epari

Senior Lecturer Science and Engineering Faculty, Chemistry, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics, Queensland University of Technology

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