Trauma Amongst the Vulnerable

The vision is to promote and provide state of the art public health and clinical care for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of trauma-related injuries among vulnerable people.

The primary and secondary prevention, acute management and recovery from trauma are particularly complex among vulnerable groups. This includes children and youth, frail older adults, people with chronic health conditions and multimorbidity, and people at risk of domestic and family violence, among others.

The Trauma among Vulnerable People Stream seeks to identify and understand particular challenges to public health strategies, acute clinical care interventions and subacute rehabilitation for vulnerable people. Furthermore, the group seeks to develop and evaluate appropriate interventions and care models to improve physical, mental and social outcomes for vulnerable people affected by trauma.

The research undertaken within this Stream can be directly translated into a variety of clinical and public health practices. This includes novel therapy options aimed at encouraging participation in appropriate prevention or rehabilitation programs, implementation of more effective treatments and ultimately the provision of cost-effective health services that meet the needs of the most vulnerable members of the community.

Stream Leader

Associate Professor Steven M McPhail

Principal Research Fellow / NHMRC CD Fellow (Clinical Research)
Member of the NHMRC Research Translation Faculty.

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