Liver Disease

Chronic liver disease is a significant health problem that is both prevalent and expensive. In Australia, the leading causes of chronic liver disease are viruses, alcohol- and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Regardless of aetiology, most of the morbidity and mortality from chronic liver disease occurs in people with advanced fibrosis (cirrhosis), at risk of developing complications of end-stage liver disease. Working with BDHP networks and the Chronic Disease Theme, our chronic liver disease subtheme will develop an integrated, multi-disciplinary centre of excellence to promote early identification and management of chronic liver disease patients, to progress basic research to identify novel therapeutic targets and biomarkers, and to develop new approaches to clinical care. Research in this subtheme aims to bridge clinical practice and research across Queensland to maximise short- and long-term health outcomes for people with chronic liver disease.

Stream Leader

Associate Professor Patricia Casarolli Valery

Lab Head
Cancer and Chronic Disease Research Group
QIMRB Honorary Associate Professor
School of Medicine – PA-Southside Clinical School
University of Queensland Honorary Fellow
Menzies School of Health Research
Charles Darwin University

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